Our Utopia Artists - Meet the Creators of Modern Aboriginal Art

This article explores Indigenous Australian art, including the Utopian artists and our new collection at Decorate Me. Some of our artists include, Jeannie Mills Pwerle, Rosemary Pitjara (Petyarre), Jeannie Pitjara (Petyarre), Janet Golder Kngwarreye, Karen Bird Ngale, Polly Ngale and Dulcie Long Pula.
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Our Utopia Artists - Meet the Creators of Modern Aboriginal Art:

Indigenous Aboriginal Art is synonymous with the beauty of Australia and its vibrant nature and scenery. One of the most common themes represented within Indigenous art is a connection to the land and the four elements of water, wind, fire and air within nature. Many Indigenous artists explore the physical, spiritual and intellectual realms within their works.

At DecorateMe, we are proud to present the Aboriginal designs of incredibly talented, famed Utopian Aboriginal artists. We have a range of beautiful Indigenous works that are available for purchase, waiting to be adorned within your home's decor. Each of our paintings is ethically sourced, and we have a wealth of unique designs available to finish off your luxe, modern home decor. This article explores Indigenous Australian art, including the Utopian artists and our collection.

Indigenous Australian Art - Traditional:

Aboriginal Australian culture is dated back to 60,000 years. Art has been an essential part of Indigenous culture for many years, with some rock paintings being dated back 20,000 years.

Traditional art was used to depict stories. There is no Indigenous written language, so paintings, symbols and other art was used to pass stories down from generation to generation. Their unique culture was preserved through the ages using rock art, and knowledge of the land was also passed down through paintings.

Art used to educate children was more straightforward and would highlight the moral teachings behind the story. Art was used to teach children right from wrong and the consequences of bad behaviour.

The first Australian Aboriginal art to be completed on canvases was in the 1930s. Prior to this, body paint, rock painting and bark painting were the mediums used for Indigenous art. Albert Namatjira was the first watercolour Aboriginal artist, holding the first Indigenous art exhibition in Adelaide in 1937.

Who are the Utopian Artists?

Our supplier partners with Utopia artists born from an infamous movement in Indigenous art. Throughout the 1970s, Utopian women had learned the art of batik to establish a source of income as the tribe was preparing for a land claim hearing. They used their batik work to demonstrate the economic viability of their work and testified to their legal and moral right to their land. The Utopian community won this land claim in 1979.

Following this, Utopia batiks exploded in popularity. Recognised for their stunning array of colours, beautiful imagery and role as a statement piece, art collectors began to purchase the batiks. The first Utopian batik was exhibited at art festivals in 1981.

The Utopia Aboriginal artists continued to flourish, and in 1988 they were introduced to the mediums of acrylic paint and canvas. The introduction of these mediums birthed a new wave of artists and saw the rise of renowned Utopia artists like Kathleen Petyarre, Minnie Pwerle and many others.

Utopian artists are praised for their diversity in art—standard techniques of Utopian paintings layers, colours, fine lines, and dot work. You can see this in Jeannie Petyarre’s ‘Bush Medicine Leaves’ image, a stunning piece filled with colour and bespoke line work.

Modern Aboriginal Art - Meet Our Artists:

We are incredibly proud to be partnered with a leading supplier that supports Utopian artists. All of our works are ethically sourced, and we regularly source new, unique creations from Indigenous artists for your home.

The majority of our Indigenous art is painted with acrylic on canvas, which means they are well-suited for being a statement piece within your home. All of our Indigenous artists are fairly paid for their work, and we are proud to be supporting such a significant artistic movement through our ethical supplier.

One of our artists, Dulcie Long Pula, is the daughter of Utopian artists Jeannie Petyarre. Hailing from Utopia, she has followed in her mother’s footsteps and is the creative mind behind the stunning ‘My Country (Awelye)’ work. Her work is colourful and minimalistic, and she pays rapt attention to the details and underlying meanings within her work.

Other artists we partner with include Polly Ngale, a senior custodian of the ‘Bush Plum’ Dreaming. Her works are incredibly sought-after, and she is renowned for her stunning use of colour. We work with new Aboriginal artists regularly, so it’s a good idea to frequently check out our ‘Aboriginal Art’ range to see whom we are working with.

We are proud to share the work of our incredibly talented Utopian artists. We ethically source all of our artworks through our supplier and pay respect to Australia's first peoples.

Our Collection:

Our collection is constantly changing. Our supplier works with various Indigenous Australian artists and can source artworks on request. We stock a range of stunning, traditional and modern Indigenous art that makes a beautiful statement within your home.

If you’re looking to learn more about our collection, our friendly customer service team is readily available to answer any queries. If there is a specific piece you’re looking for, our team may be able to help. Get in contact with us now.

In Summary:

Indigenous Australian art is incredibly unique, diverse and colourful. Sharing the stories of a culture that spans thousands of years, each piece is uniquely crafted and shares an important message. Traditional Aboriginal art was used to share knowledge of the land, culture and morality from generation to generation, and archeologists have found rock paintings dating back 20,000 years.

Modern Indigenous artworks explore many elements of the Dreamtime and are technically advanced, using techniques like layering, fine lines and dot work to showcase traditional stories. What started with the Utopian artists and their batiks has now flourished into a unique style of acrylic on canvas work that captures Indigenous Australian culture, beliefs and history.

At DecorateMe, we are proud to use an ethical supplier who partners with modern Indigenous artists and are excited to share their works with you. You can explore our ethically sourced range of Indigenous Australian artwork online now.





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